Rastercaster Assignment

In this first project, you will create a sandbox for experimenting with fragment shaders and the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL). You will render a single, screen-filling quadrilateral and paint designs on it using only algorithms that can be expressed in the fragment shader. This project is inspired by Shadertoy.

Each assignment in this course has two stages of requirements: later-week submission and full credit. To receive credit for the assignment you must meet all requirements. However, time is somewhat flexible. If you meet the later-week submission requirements by the due date, then you may take as much time as you need to meet the full credit requirements.

However, to prevent work from piling up at the end of the semester, only one assignment can be turned in per week. If another assignment has a due date in a given week, then you cannot turn in an earlier assignment.

Partial credit is not given. Assignments must meet all requirements. This system is meant to accommodate life's disruptions without sacrificing your learning and achievement.

Later-week Submission Requirements

You must complete these requirements by the assignment's due date:

If you meet these requirements, you are eligible for later-week submission.

Full Credit Requirements

You must complete these requirements in addition to the later-week submission requirements to receive credit for the assignment:

When you are ready to claim your credit, send your instructor a direct message. Ensure that all requirements have been met. If they have not, you will not receive credit and will have to submit again some other week.