Mapquest Assignment

In this project, you will create a first-person pick-em-up game. That is, the user will use the keyboard and mouse to navigate a camera around a terrain and collect objects. The terrain, the collectibles, and the other objects in the environment must fit a coherent theme of your choosing. For example, an alien might traverse the moon and collect flags, ignoring spaceship parts, American flags, and soft drink cups.

Later-week Submission Requirements

You must complete these requirements by the assignment's due date to be eligible for later-week submission:

If you meet these requirements, you may turn your complete project in during some later week of the semester.

Full Credit Requirements

You must complete these requirements in addition to the later-week submission requirements to receive credit for the assignment:

When you are ready to claim your credit, send your instructor a direct message. Ensure that all requirements have been met. If they have not, you will not receive credit and will have to submit again some other week.