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Fabrication Summer Camp: Day 5

June 4, 2021 by . Filed under public, twoville.

Welcome to the fifth day of our summer camp! Today is different than the others. It’s Laser-Cutter Day. You challenge is to spend the morning making a design that you want to last. In the afternoon we will take your designs to the Fabrication Lab and cut them out of acrylic.

There are a few rules that you need to follow to make sure the cutting process goes smoothly:

  1. Use a thin red stroke wherever you want the laser-cutter to cut completely through the material.
  2. Use black fill wherever you want the laser-cutter to etch partially into the material.
  3. Don’t use any other colors, and don’t fill in any shapes that you don’t want etched.
  4. Acrylic doesn’t bend, so don’t make any nets.
  5. Contain your design within a 4-inch square. If the exact dimensions aren’t important, use whatever numbers you want within a square, and we’ll scale it when we’re ready to cut. If exact dimensions are important, you’ll want to assume your numbers are in points. The laser cutter assumes your numbers are in these units. Every 72 points is 1-inch, so each side of a 4-inch square is 288 points.

When you have had your design looked over by a teacher, click the Send to Chris link in the settings panel.