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Blocking Your Path

October 5, 2020 by . Filed under madeup, public.

A couple years ago, my wife and I picked up some colorful blocks at a toy store. Each block is a quarter of a cylinder. The square faces of the blocks snap together with help from two magnets inside. There are just enough blocks in the set to make this fascinating shape:

I’m struggling to find a name for this shape.

Last week I rewrote my dowel generation algorithm in Madeup, so my subconscious mind informed me that this shape is a dowel. My conscious mind set to modeling it. My first draft just traced out the path from one block to the next using turtle geometry:

The code makes the repetition visible. I condensed it with this loop:

My version of the shape has a hole in the middle. This is necessary given the way I round out the bends. If I shrink it any further, the bend geometry starts to degenerate. You can see this for yourself by changing the distance of the move commands.